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The European Society of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology, in partnership with the EADV, is pleased to present exceptional scientific meetings, accompanied by opportunities for professional networking and communication.

Joining the ESCAD provides access to unmatched resources in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology. As a member, you’ll gain entry to top-tier scientific conferences, networking opportunities, and for professional development. Enhance your practice and contribute to the advancement of dermatological care.


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Discover ESCAD’s pivotal role in shaping the future of cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology across Europe.

As an affiliate of the EADV, we invite you to join our dynamic scientific community. Elevate your practice through our collaborative meetings and enrich your professional network. Get involved today for a transformative experience.

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EADV-ESLD Subspeciality Meeting

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Our Executive Board, comprising esteemed experts from the EADV network, is committed to orchestrating premier scientific meetings and fostering professional exchanges that set new standards in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology.

Discover the minds behind our mission and join the forefront of dermatological excellence. Find out more about our board’s vision and initiatives.


Doktor Peter Velthuis

Peter Velthuis

ESCAD President

Klaus Fritz

ESCAD Secretary General

Leonard marini escad treasurer

Leonardo Marini

ESCAD Treasurer

MD Karim Magdi Gabr, Germany

Karim Magdi-Gabr

ESCAD Officer

MD Roberta Vasconcelos Berg, Basel

Roberta Vasconcelos-Berg

ESCAD Officer

MD Nehal Gadallah, Egypt / Canada

Nehal Gadallah

ESCAD Officer

MD Miray Al-Mustafa, Norway

Miray Al-Mustafa

ESCAD Officer


Upcoming Events

Explore our comprehensive schedule of upcoming events designed to empower and inspire the cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology community. With a lineup that includes workshops, conferences, and symposiums, ESCAD is your gateway to the latest developments and trends in the field. Stay ahead of the curve by participating in our events that promise to enrich your professional journey.

5 Continents Congress (5CC)

ESCAD Workshop

June 2024, 13 - 16


EADV-ESLD Subspeciality Meeting

September 2024, 25 - 29



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