About Us

The origins of ESCAD

For many years in Europe cosmetic dermatology was not taught as a subject in its own right. Dermatologists only learnt the subject by apprenticeship and by attending congresses. In the last 50 years, life expectancy has increased considerably and people have become much more concerned with their appearance. Dermatologists are the best trained people to meet these new needs.


In 1997, three dermatologists and longstanding friends, Pierre André from Paris, Leonardo Marini from Trieste and Christopher Rowland Payne from London, felt there was a need for a scientific Society which would gather together research scientists from the fields of cosmetics and skin ageing together with clinicians specialized in the therapeutic techniques of cosmetic dermatology.


The idea of the European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD) was born.

Our Vision

ESCAD envisions a world where cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology is accessible to all, driving innovation and excellence in patient care through scientific research and education.

Aim for fostering the highest standards

Our mission is to elevate the practice of cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology to the highest standards through rigorous training, research and professional development.

Scientific Committee, including international members

Guided by a global Scientific Committee, ESCAD integrates international expertise to advance dermatological care and foster cross-border collaborations.



ESCAD is a democratic, non-commercial, non-profitmaking medical scientific Learned Society, registered in Paris. It consists in a President and an Executive Board.

In order to meet the present challenges and to support the need of scientific knowledge of its 6,000 members, ESCAD was refunded in Copenhagen in October 2015 and gave birth to New ESCAD. The Society is at the service of its members and of the industry to collaborate and contribute to the well-being of patients all over the world.

The most important scientific event promoted by ESCAD is the Annual Scientific Meeting that takes place on the occasion of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Congress. This mutual collaboration strongly stresses the synergy between ESCAD and EADV. As a matter of fact over the last two years, ESCAD Board members have been actively involved in the scientific organization of the EADV Congress. Many ESCAD members are part of the EADV Board.

An international Scientific Committee, which includes members from Europe and other continents, supports ESCAD: during these years, the group has been raising up a strong network of cooperation with other international and national cosmetic dermatological societies.

ESCAD aims at fostering the highest standards of patient care in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology, at facilitating continuing professional development and offers a friendly forum for the sharing of scientific research and innovative techniques.

In order to reach the highest standards in this field, ESCAD brings together clinical dermatologists, academic dermatologists, and scientists working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Meet our board

Our Executive Board

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Former Leader

Past Presidents

Nick Lowe (UK)

1997 / 98

Christopher Rowland Pyne (UK)

1998 / 99

Pierre Andre (France)

1999 / 00

Eckart Haneke (Germany)

00 / 01

Leonardo Marini (Italy)


Torello Lotti (Italy)

02 / 03

Francisco Camacho-Martinez (Spain)

03 / 04

Gerald Pierard (Belgium)

04 / 05

Martino Neumann (Netherlands)

05 / 06

Andreas Katsambas (Greece)

06 / 07

Alex Camps-Fresneda (Spain)

07 / 08

Hana Zelenkova (Slovenia)

08 / 09

Barbara Walkiewicz-Cyranska (Poland)

09 / 10

Philippe Humbert (France)

10 / 11

Uwe Wollina (Germany)

11 / 12

Pedro Jaen (Spain)

12 / 13

Erçin Özüntürk (Turkey)

13 / 14

Jana Hercogova (Czeck Rep)

14 / 15

Oliver Ph Kreyden (Switzerland)

15 / 16

Ines Verner (Israel)

16 / 18

Andreas Katsambas (Greece)

18 / 20

Ines Verner (Israel)

20 / 22

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