Keep fresh your mind! – You have found our 404 page, as an apology we have prepared a relaxation exercise:

Grin for one minute:

Step 1

Laugh or smile.

Step 2

Hold this grin for at least one minute.

Step 3

Then relax the facial muscles again.

Info about the exercise:

Smiling and laughing have a great relaxing effect.

This is because when you smile or laugh, the facial muscle between your cheek and eye presses on the very nerve that signals a positive mood to our brain.


regardless of whether there is a reason to smile or not – even a fake smile (at least one minute!) has the same positive effect. It may seem strange to you to grin for a minute, but it will raise your mood and relax you.

Grin - and where?

For example, in bed in the morning before you get up, in front of the bathroom mirror, in a closed room (toilet), in the shower, in the car while driving to work, …

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