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Immerse yourself in the ESCAD experience, where collaboration and knowledge exchange lead the way to breakthroughs in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology. Here, every handshake represents a new connection, every session a chance to learn and grow. Join us and be a part of defining the future of dermatological care.

Welcome to the new “learn-and-share” ESCAD experience where cases of cosmetic and aesthetic interest will be presented and discussed

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Ask ESCAD anything about...

Engage directly with ESCAD experts on all your pressing questions. From the intricacies of procedural techniques to the nuances of patient care, our interactive Q&A platform is designed to provide you with authoritative answers and clear, actionable insights. Tap into the collective wisdom of leading dermatologists and get clarity on any topic in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology.


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Registrations are FREE and OPEN ONLY to ESCAD MEMBERS who is interested in discussing cases of cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology!

Cases will be available to all ESCAD members on the dedicated webpage


Scientific program


EADV-ESLD Subspeciality Meeting

September 2024 Wednesday 25,



ESCAD Workshop

5 Continents Congress (5CC)

June 2024 Thursday 13,



Cases sumbission

Should you have a case you would like to discuss with a group of ESCAD experts because of an unusual complication or resistance to previously performed treatments, or simply because you do not know how to treat, please join us!

Prepare a 5 minute presentation and SEND IT TO to ESCAD: the Scientific committee will select the best 3 cases and inform you if yours is one of them.

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